STAIN AND ODOR REMOVAL for Carpets and Floors

Children, pets, and normal life events can be detrimental to your carpet’s health. Especially regarding pets! While it’s normal to expect a certain amount of staining and odors in your carpet, you don’t have to live with it.

Even without those possibilities, staining on carpet is just a normal possibility over time. Stains from spills or other accidents are not only unsightly, but they can hide germs and bacteria within. Eventually, and depending on the stain, it’s possible to have a lasting and permeating odor from spills that are not properly cleaned.

Chippewa Valley Restoration Services has the experience needed to tackle any and every type of carpet stain and odor. It’s important to remember that whatever is on your carpet to cause a stain or odor is something that will usually contain some type of bacteria or germ.

Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley Restoration Services has been cleaning neighborhood carpets for 20 plus years. Our experience and expertise in the area of stain and odor removal has surpassed our competitors due to our diligent standards of quality and value, as well as through the use of premium equipment and thorough processes.

Call the carpet cleaning professionals at Chippewa Valley Restoration Services at 715.833.8031.

Allow us to provide you with a detailed estimate and plan of attack for your pesky carpet stains and odors.

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